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Build Week 3, for March 2013 Regional Competition

Author: Bruce - Published 2013-01-24 09:35 - (901 Reads)

This was an important week for the team. We finished our final shooter, built our chassis and drive train , got our vision code to recognize the two different goals, and got some pistons working on our test board!

Build Week 1 & 2, for March 2013 Competition

Author: RoboK - Published 2013-01-17 16:15 - (856 Reads)

This was the first 2 weeks of our Jan. 2013 build season. We proto-typed several things, brainstormed more, and organized into subgroups, got our programmers on Github, started on our chassis, and made our practice goals. We also just finished a shooter capable of reaching the level 3 goal. And we’re getting more done every day! We take our robot to RIT in Rochester to compete March 2013.

January 2013 Kickoff and Brainstorming

Author: RoboK - Published 2013-01-07 18:40 - (878 Reads)

Saturday, Jan. 5 2013 was Kickoff for FRC. Our team gathered at the Masonic Temple on Main Street to watch the kickoff and found out what the challenge was this year. See “This Year’s Challenge” for more info about the game. After watching the video we started brainstorming ideas. Mainly about pickup, shooter design, and climbing. We found out some new rules, one being new size constraints. The new size rules reduce robot size allowing only 112 inches for the robot's perimeter. We have six weeks to build our robot.


This year's FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) challenge is called "Ultimate Ascent." The game is played on a 27x5- foot field by two teams, with three robots each. Each match lasts 2 minutes, 15 seconds; points are scored by shooting flying disks into 5 different goals. Each alliance has its own set of goals. The lowest level goal is worth 1 point, next there are 2 goals worth 2 points each, there is one 3-point goal. Robots can also earn special a 5-point goal landing disks atop of one of two pyramids on each side of the court. More details about the court can be found here.

The match is broken up into 3 segments: first a 15 second autonomous period with no input from the robot drivers. Disks scored during this time are worth double points. Next is the regular tele-operated mode, where drivers control the robots and score as many points as they can. In the last 30 seconds robots climb the pyramid of their color for extra points. 10, 20, or 30 points can be scored depending on the height climbed. For more information, watch the game animation here.


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